Grow the Hobby

The FPV Miniquad community is made up of passionate engineers, pilots, inventors and artists. There is nothing better than connecting with people around the world with various backgrounds that share a common view... the amazing rush of unconstrained flight!

We are developing content and educational initiatives to grow the FPV Mini Quad hobby in an aggressive way.

Kwad Camp

Build, Tune, Fix, Fly, and Learn
Join us for this amazing opportunity. Work side by side with Rotor Riot pilots helping you build, a new quad, tune a fresh build, or even troubleshoot and fix a quad that you already have. This workshop is your opportunity to hang with the Rotor Riot crew and be our special guests. Come and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity, and leave with a top quality build, an abundance of knowledge, and some valuable tricks taught by the some of the best pilots in the world.  Learn more HERE.


Upcoming Rotor Riot Episode content will include...

Choosing your Quad

A comprehensive journey to learn about the main decision points for choosing a high performance FPV Miniquad.

Attack of the Clones

A 20 minute documentary exploring the damaging effects of cloning products.

Build on the Cheap

A walkthrough helping budget conscious pilots build the lowest cost miniquad with minimal performance sacrifice.  

The Big Challenge

Once every quarter we'll get a group of prominent pilots together and challenge their skills. Our most notable episodes in this style would be Guns vs Drones or Ultimate Duga Dive

Curious about the FPV Miniquad lifestyle? Check out a recent episode...

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