2017 Odd Couple Euro Trip

Steele and Drib are going to Europe June 24th - July 5th

Their mission is to make it from Dublin to Rome in 12 days on $500, while flying with as many friends as possible along the way! 

As the producer of the show I didn't want to make it easy for them. No locking themselves in swanky hotel rooms or first-class plane rides. I wanted them to be forced to rely on the Rotor Riot community members for a couch to crash on, or some leftovers to eat. Some might think this is sadistic... I think it's funny and entertaining.

Goals of the trip are to adventure through several countries, fly every interesting thing they find along the way and most importantly hang with the locals and personally thank them for supporting and growing our amazing hobby!!

If you're willing to hang out with a couple of Kwad-vloggers, show them the cool spots, and maybe even provide a spot for them to crash, please fill out this little form!

Here is a map showing the requests so far...

Mr Steele and Le Drib both released a Vlog prior to leaving...

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