Two American FPV pilots woke up in an English home. They got their gear ready, had some breakfast, and got into the car that was going to take them to all the cool spots.

The drive turned out to be quite a long one. After putting an hour and a half of driving behind them, they arrived at the first spot.

Brimham Rocks - an amazing collection of natural rock formations in North Yorkshire, England. The guys unpacked their gear, got some Mavic footage first, and then started ripping through the air with their miniquads.

It did not take too long after the rippage of the first LiPo before a guy with a badge came up and asked them to leave. Such a buzzkill to get kicked out from a great spot!

 "Please kindly GTFO"

"Please kindly GTFO"

The day had only just started so the guys went for another few minutes of driving and soon thereafter they found an old abbey in ruins. When life gives you lemons, twirls your mustache and carry on.


After catching some other spots, the guys stayed the night at Star Inn, a cozy and inviting Bed & Breakfast. Good place to get some dinner, a shower, some repairs, and a good rest.

The next day was not any less interesting. Escaping the occasional rain shower, the crew was able to get some good flying spots ripped! Not only bandos, but a tank! It's not everyday you get to rip around a tank.


Nothing beats a good dinner with friends to end the day!

Watch Drew's vlog to catch the rest of the adventure!