The Rotor Riot Europe tour continues its adventurous mission. Our friends Drew and Steele and their new traveling mate Jae get up early to catch the train that will take them from England to France - the Eurostar! But before they board the train, a short Rotor Riot meetup took place at the station! We were happy to meet several of our fans and friends, including none other than Mr. Cleanflight himself!

Our friend Steuart kindly provided the train tickets. It was certainly a grand experience!

After two and a half hour train ride, the touring party arrived in France. Our friend Erick, who was introduced to us by Steuart, picked up Drew, Steele and Jae at the station, and took them to a flying club and meetup! The French were very welcoming and friendly despite the fact that we did not understand most of what they were saying!


One of the quads had an in-air collision with someone's glider. It wasn't good!

Sharing cake - the best form of team bonding?

Got mustache?


Dinner time!


Our travelers had a riot in France! Unfortunately this is where we part ways with Jae. The next stop on the tour is Turin, Italy. Catch us tomorrow for more developments of the trip!

Watch Drew's vlog here!