Drew And Steele spent the last of their travelling funds on a train ticket from France to Turin, Italy. Someone offered them a ride from Turin to Rome, which was the final destination of the trip. However, when they arrived at Turin they got some bad news... The driver canceled! 

Stuck in Turin, Our guys did the best of the situation and got out for a fly with the locals.

This spot was not bad at all! Some tall pillars and a bridge made for a great location to fly.

Unfortunately, our guys had to get to Rome for their flight some way. The cheapest way they found was a long bus ride - which clocked in at 70 Euros above the budget. 

At least they got to meet a few pilots in Rome!

This is probably the most epic place in Rome! The Coliseum.

Stay tuned for our next and last Euro Tour Blog update! 

PS: Thorax sent us a video on his progressing freestyle skills! Not bad I must say!